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 Good day, what's happening man?

Welcome to Spencer Ambrose Tours of St. Lucia!  As the owner of Spencer Ambrose Tours, I invite you to my tropical paradise!  Whether you enjoy the thrill of gliding along the picturesque coast of St. Lucia aboard a modern, twin-engine speedboat, take in the scenic sites of a Caribbean island by land, relax on a tropical beach nestled between the twin Pitons, rejuvenate yourself in a hot, sulphur mud bath or snorkel in an underwater paradise, we have a tour for you!  If you're arriving by cruise ship, require an airport transfer or staying at a hotel, my team and I are committed in offering you the ultimate touring adventure! So leave your worries behind.  An exciting day of fun and adventure will be waiting for you! ~Spencer Ambrose

Come Discover St. Lucia with us.

   Your day of fun & adventure awaits!    

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