Why choose spencer ambrose tours

Why Choose Spencer Ambrose Tours?

Last week after a beautiful day spent on Jalousie beach, a young couple approached me and graciously thanked me for their trip. I asked why they chose Spencer Ambrose Tours and they replied, “Because we knew we were going to be treated like VIP guests of the island … and that we would be enjoying some excellent rum punch!”

While their answer is spot on (nothing beats my homemade Caribbean rum punch on a warm St. Lucia day!), I want to share with you some answers to this question:

Why Choose Spencer Ambrose Tours?

  1. You are our top priority.1606910_683293075046232_1652975927_n

When you visit St. Lucia, you are my guest. I want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Sit back and enjoy the warm breeze as I guide you around the island. Don’t worry about the time; my crew and I are watching the clock for you to ensure you don’t miss your ride home. As a TripAdvisor Award of Excellence recipient for the past 3 years, we are committed to giving our guests unforgettable memories and the ultimate St. Lucia adventure. Unlike other excursion companies, we don’t lump you in with 90 other guests; each guest’s experience matters to us and we keep our excursion groups small and personal.

  1. Our guides are experts on St. Lucia.SAT Review

I was born and raised on the island and have worked here my entire life, which is the same for most all my crew. We know all St. Lucia’s history and secrets and will share its fascinating stories with you and your family. Join me and you will see stunning overlooks that extend for miles, spectacular seascapes, and the age-old mysteries of our island. I love St. Lucia and want to share all the beauty of this paradise with you.

  1. We make booking an excursion easy.

From your first email to returning to the ship, I will handle everything while you relax and enjoy the golden Caribbean sun shimmering down on azure ocean waters. All you need to do is email us basic information about your arrival and we will take care of the rest! And when you arrive we are waiting right there for you when you get off the ship.

  1. Jalousey-Beach-Sept-2014We are committed to providing the best sightseeing and adventure experiences to travelers.

Want to climb to unparalleled views on an iconic World Heritage mountain? Lay on the soft sands of Jalousie Beach? Zipline throughout a lush rainforest? I offer tour and adventure packages for you to experience St.Lucia in every way possible. No other company offers more time at  Jalousie/Sugar Beach—a beach Fodor’s says has “crystal-clear water for swimming, excellent snorkeling and diving, and breathtaking scenery” under the Pitons. No else lets you experience a full day island adventure by both land and sea or soar through a Caribbean rainforest. From the serene to the extreme, there is something for everyone at Spencer Ambrose Tours.

  1. We offer transportation by land… and sea!boat

While most touring companies keep you stuck on the land, we have a fleet of new speedboats to explore the grand coast of St. Lucia, giving you a chance to see the island from a whole new perspective. Our speedboats not only will give you a breathtaking view of the island, but make the journey back to your ship much quicker, giving you plenty of time to grab one more gulp of rum punch before you depart.

Let me share the beauty, majesty and enchantment of my garden island with you. Choose Spencer Ambrose Tours for a once-in-a-lifetime experience


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