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Spencer's Speedboats
Spencer's Speedboats
Spencer's Speedboats
Spencer's Speedboats

Spencer's Fleet

Since 2010, Spencer expanded his tour itinerary to include exciting excursions by sea.  With three speedboats in his fleet, Spencer is able to offer his guests thrilling coastline adventure tours and tropical beach getaways along the scenic and picturesque west coast of St. Lucia.

Spencer Ambrose Tours, Speedboat tours along the scenic coast, St. Lucia

Mere Sea Dieu II

  • 35-foot Avanti Powerboat
  • Twin 300 HP Mercury Verado Engines
  • Passenger Capacity:  19 (includes Captain and Crew)

Mere Sea Dieu III

  • 38-foot Enduros Super Hero Powerboat
  • Triple 300 HP Yamaha Engines
  • Passenger Capacity:  23 (includes Captain and Crew)
Spencer Ambrose Tours speedboat

Mere Sea Dieu IIII

  • 38-foot Contender Powerboat
  • Triple 300 HP Mercury Verado  Engines
  • Passenger Capacity:  20 (includes Captain and Crew)

All boats are equipped with life jackets and safety equipment.  Passenger capacity of each speedboat is in accordance with the St. Lucia Port Authority guidelines.  Spencer strictly follows these guidelines and will not exceed the maximum occupancy of passengers allowed for his size boats.