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AVAILABLE BY SPECIAL REQUEST                    Heavenward Bound/Gros Piton Climb

climb duration: 4 hours
approx. trip duration: 6-7 hours
boat transportation: approx.  45 min.
Tour Cost: $150 USD/adult

A one of a kind breathtaking experience!

Tour Highlights: * Round-trip Boat Transportation * Gros Piton Climb * Jalousie/Sugar Beach * Scenic Coastal Tour 
* Lunch & Beverages included 


Climb the Gros Piton

The Gros Piton, recognized as a World Heritage Site, is one of St. Lucia's most distinguished landmarks.  This 2619 foot volcanic plug is known for its majestic beauty and is accessible by foot which allows its hikers to take on a strenuous but exhilarating one of a kind climbing adventure!     


Are you up to the challenge?
Departing from the cruise ship terminal in Castries, you will board one of Spencer's private speed boats or a chartered water taxi and travel along the scenic and rugged West Coast of St. Lucia to the foot of the Gros Piton in Anse L'Ivrogne Bay.

An experienced Gros Piton trail guide will accompany you on your adventurous 4-mile round trip hike up and down the Gros Piton.
           View of Anse L'Ivrogne from the 1/4 way point    
The trail winds around the mountain at a gradual gradient.  Panoramic vistas and breathtaking scenery abound in every direction.

At the 1/4 point, view the secluded bay and village of Anse L'Ivrogne below.  On a clear day you can see the island of St. Vincent, just 21 miles away!       




Numerous sites used by Brigands or black freedom fighters during the slave rebellion in 1748, may be seen, including caves, tunnels, rock shelters, camps, signal stations, lookouts and landing sites.


As you climb the Gros Piton, you will notice dramatic changes in the vegetation, ranging from arid deciduous woodlands along the coast to broad middle zone rainforest and an upper mountain zone of elfin, woodland and windswept dwarf forest.


See the Petit Piton from the 1/2 way point  
Tropical birds may flit in and around you as you ascend the slope. These include the St. Lucian Wren, the St. Lucian Oriole, the Black Finch and the Red Neck Pigeon.

At the half way point, enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the northern part of the island and marvel at the grandeur of the Petit Piton directly ahead.
It's a strenuous climb!  
The second half of the climb is suitable for the adventurous hiker as it involves a steep ascent over rocks, boulders and root-formed stairs. 
           Gros Piton Hike

The stellar view from the summit is worth the effort!


There are two viewpoints at the peak.  From the main lookout, enjoy a panoramic view of the southern end of the island.  From the second lookout, view the northern part of St. Lucia and the Petit Piton.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the southern end of the island 
          The Gros Piton from Jalousie/Sugar Beach

After a strenuous and challenging climbing adventure, you return to the boat for a short ride around the base of the Gros Piton to Jalousie/Sugar Beach where a boxed Creole lunch will be waiting for you.

Absorb the scenic views, relax your tired muscles, and enjoy a refreshing swim in the warm Caribbean water before your return journey to your cruise ship or hotel.* Your return journey includes a thrilling speedboat coastal tour along St. Lucia's picturesque coastline.**  

NOTE:  *Actual beach time depends on how quickly you complete the climb.  **If you require the late transport back to port, the scenic coastal tour may be missed. 


Your day climbing the majestic Gros Piton with some time to relax on a beautiful white-sand beach nestled between the two Pitons, will certainly be remembered as a one of kind, breathtaking and memorable experience.
Beach Lunch and Beverages Included: A Creole lunch served on the beach is included in this excursion. Spencer Ambrose Tours is pleased to provide a cooler stocked with complimentary cold beverages.  Select from bottled water, diet and regular coke, local Piton beer or Spencer's famous rum punch.

Pick up and Drop Off Information:
 Guests travelling to the Gros Piton by boat, may expect to share boat transportation with other Spencer Ambrose Tour groups.  Please note that speedboat transportation requires a minimum of 10 adults (shared between tours).  Extra fees apply for those wishing a private transfer.

Tour CostGros-Piton-Collage-5.jpg
  • Cruise Ship Visitors:
    $150 US/adult
    $125 US/child (12 and under)
  • Hotel Guests: We can pick you up from your hotel. Transportation rate may vary depending on your hotel location. Reduced tour rate for guests staying in the Soufriere area. Click here  for your add-on pick up or Soufriere tour rate. 

  • A late transport fee of $180/party and a $10 online fee payable at time of booking is required.  The late transport fee will be refunded in US cash to climbers who make it back in time to share return transportation to Castries with our other tour groups.  The $10 online transaction fee is non-refundable.
    To book your climb, please contact us.

Price Includes

  • Pick up and return by speed boat from the cruise ship terminal
    (hotel guests staying on the northern end of the island will be taxied to and from the cruise ship terminal.  Click here  for your add on pick up rate)
  • Services of a trail guide who will climb the Gros Piton with you
  • Authentic Creole boxed lunch (lunch may not be hot)
  • Complimentary beverages 
  • Scenic speedboat coastal tour
  • Boat ride from Castries to the base of the Gros Piton: 45 minutes each way
  • Roundtrip climb duration: 4 hours
  • Time at Jalousie/Sugar Beach: 40 minutes*
    *(this time is only an estimate as actual beach time depends on how quickly you complete the climb.  Our priority is to get you back to your cruise ship on time!  If you take too long to complete the climb, little to NO beach time can be expected).
Bring with you
  • comfortable walking shoes, bottled water, snacks and a backpack for the climb, camera, mosquito spray, swim suit, beach towel, suntan lotion
Please Note
  • The climb to the summit involves intense physical strain and is not recommended for those with ailments, those who are pregnant or those who are not physically fit
  • Visiting St. Lucia on a cruise allows a limited amount of time to complete the climb and because the climb is quite a strenuous one, it can be expected that not everyone will make it to the top!
  • Hotel guests staying on the West and Southern end of the island will be transported to the Gros Piton by air-conditioned vehicle and will begin the climb in the village of Fonds Gens Libre instead of Anse L'Ivrogne
  • Comfortable walking or hiking shoes with good traction are mandatory


$10 deposit/person + $180 late transport fee
is required at time of booking.
Balance paid in US cash on day of tour.

                   SPACE IS LIMITED!  
For more information or to book this excursion,    




Come-discover-st-lucia-with-us-490-X-51.gif                                          exciting day of fun & adventure awaits!

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